About the Corridor

The 30th Street Industrial Corridor Corp (nicknamed “The Corridor”) is a Non-Profit organization that was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1991. It was founded as a spinoff to the Sherman Park Community Association to support economic development in the area in light of the loss of major manufacturing giants such as A.O. Smith. The Corridor is home to a mix of business sizes and types that draw employees from all over Milwaukee and the southeastern Wisconsin region.

The Corridor crosses many neighborhoods including Garden Homes, Sherman Park, Metcalfe Park, Amani, Century City Tri-Angle and Washington Park. The Corridor is generally bounded by Hampton Avenue on the north, 27th Street on the east, Highland Avenue on the south and 35th Street on the west (approximately 880 acres, of which 518 acres is zoned industrial). The industrial zone includes several major employers, including MillerCoors; Harley-Davidson Motor Company; DRS Power and Control Technologies, Inc.; and Master Lock.

In 2005 The Corridor established BID #37, which works to support over 150 business owners in the area through programs such as: crime and safety grants, facade grants, and graffiti abatement.

Our areas of Focus Include:

  • Neighborhood Revitalization - Garden Homes Neighborhood Plan & Housing Initiative.
  • BID #37 - Supporting and retaining current businesses and attracting new ones
  • Equitable Development - Collaborative process with private and public stakeholders, ensuring that residents participate in and ultimately benefit from the redevelopment of the Corridor.


Building a Strong Economy with Innovation & Talent


Serves as the mobilizing entity to collectively promote and spark economic resurgence for businesses and residents

Core Values:

Creativity: Building industry through innovation, intellectual engagement, strategic intentions and exploration of potentiality

Recognition: Orchestrating entity in driving revitalization

Power: Coalescing and harnessing the vast power of neighbors and stakeholders to drive change block by block

Dedication: Being persistent in application to a task or purpose

Accountability: Providing impactful actions and results